Top Issues

Support Business Development

• Streamline Regulations
• Establish Predictability
• Address Corporate Tax Structure

Increased Efficiencies in State Government

• State Legislature to approve Union Contracts
• Enforce Constitutional Spending Cap
• Revise Pension and Healthcare Benefits of State Employees
• State Legislature to approve Union Contracts
• Encourage Non-Profit Organizations to render State Services

Growth and Innovation

• Create Incentive Package for Start-up and Small Businesses
• Encourage self-employed contractors
• Create better business development opportunity
• Build on our history of innovation

Healthcare and Human Services

• Access to Quality Health Care
• Contain Escalating Costs
• Reform Medicaid

Education/Skilled Work Force

• Establish talent pipeline and support vocational training
• Review State Mandates
• Restructure Teacher Performance Guidelines
• Tax Credit for Manufacturing Apprenticeship

Creating a Place for All Generations

• Establish affordable housing
• Create jobs
• Eliminate estate taxes


• Create Transportation Lock-box
• Continue to support mass transit to connect metropolitan and suburban areas

Protecting the Environment

• Clean Energy Solutions
• Preserve Open Space