Prasad Srinivasan Gains Momentum at Second GOP Debate

Prasad Srinivasan Gains Momentum at Second GOP Debate

Our candidate Dr. Prasad Srinivasan showed strong leadership and came as the clear winner in the 2nd Republican Gubernatorial Debate. Please cast your vote for Prasad by texting “Srinivasan18” to 555888.

Here are the some of the highlights from the debate:
“Connecticut is in a state of crisis and I have the plan to charter a new way forward,” said Prasad. “As a physician, I know the importance of treating the underlying disease and not just the symptoms. A band-aid approach will not work in 2018 – we need to address root causes.”

Prasad’s plan specifically addresses six major areas: creating a pro-growth, pro-business environment; revising pension and healthcare plans for state employees; streamlining state government and removing inefficiencies and waste; responding to the opioid crisis and connecting victims with treatment; improving infrastructure, energy, and transportation; and reforming the education system.

This strategy is designed to undo the harmful policies of the past and treat current problems effectively. Connecticut can do better, Connecticut should do better, and as your next Governor, Connecticut will do better.

Prasad Srinivasan is a state representative from Glastonbury serving his fourth term. He has been a practicing physician for 38 years. He and his wife raised two children who graduated from the public-school system in Connecticut, and they have 4 grandchildren and 5th on her way. He is dedicated to securing a better future for the next generation and generations to come in Connecticut.

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Srinivasan For Governor