Why I am running for Governor

Revive & Prosper

We deserve a better Connecticut, and our children deserve a brighter future. We need to revive our state so we all can prosper. Together, we can take back our state, turn it around, and bring prosperity back to Connecticut for ourselves and our children.

I am running to be your Governor because I know that, if we work together, we can make these changes and put Connecticut on the right track.

I have a simple story. I moved to Connecticut in 1980. I chose Connecticut because it was then a state that had everything going for it. Over the last thirty-six years, my wife and I have raised our two children in Connecticut and built a successful medical practice here.  We have lived our American dream right here in Connecticut.

Fast-forward to now, and we see our state spiraling downwards. Our businesses, large and small, are leaving our state. People are moving out of the state. Young people do not see the same opportunities that drew us to Connecticut in 1980.

This pattern has to end.  We can make it happen. Our businesses tell us repeatedly that our regulations are choking growth, that our business climate is unpredictable and that we are taxed to the point that it is difficult to compete. Without strong businesses, people in Connecticut will not have the jobs and opportunities they need to provide for their families.  We therefore must ensure that our businesses, the backbone of our state’s economy, flourish. When businesses do well, we all do well. But when businesses fail, poverty and unemployment follow.

Connecticut needs a stable foundation for economic growth. This means we must control taxes and spending. We must address waste and fraud so that our hard-earned tax dollars are used efficiently to help those who need it. The state needs to partner with nonprofit agencies who can deliver top notch services with significant costs savings. Connecticut has forgotten Ronald Reagan’s famous warning that more government doesn’t solve problems, more government is the problem.

As our population ages, healthcare access and healthcare costs are huge concerns. We need to create an environment where our excellent physicians have the motivation to stay in our state. We need to stop treating our hospitals like piggy banks to close budget gaps. We need appropriate reforms that allow doctors to practice medicine without worrying that bureaucrats are looking over their shoulders. Quality must come first.

We should not be blaming state employees for the fiscal mess our politicians have created. But we do need their help to find a long-term solution. The compensation package for state employees needs to be in par with those in the private sector. We must renegotiate our union contracts and ensure that these contracts are approved by the Connecticut Assembly. Working together, we can find a solution that is fair to hard-working public servants but also fair to taxpayers.

Connecticut has been prosperous in our lifetimes, and we can get back to prosperity again. But the path of divisive special interest politics that Governor Malloy and the Democrats in the legislature have chosen is not working. We need to change things around to revive our state. We need new leadership and new vision to conquer the old problems that are continuing to hold us back.

That is why I want to be your governor. I have the energy, enthusiasm and experience to overcome these challenging issues to bring prosperity to Connecticut and ensure a bright future for our children. I ask you to join me in working toward a better tomorrow for Connecticut.

With your support, Connecticut can turn around. Together, we will revive our state, and we will all prosper.