DocForGov Terminating The Bid for Governor Race

DocForGov Terminating The Bid for Governor Race

Since beginning my journey for Governor in December 2016, I have traveled the four corners of our state from our smallest villages to our largest cities and saw first-hand the beauty and splendor of our State. I met with hundreds of our hard-working Connecticut residents and had the opportunity to listen to their concerns.

Simply put, this journey has been the experience of a lifetime. Along the way, two lessons have become abundantly clear:

Connecticut can be revived and made prosperous again, and the Republican Party is best suited to make that vision a reality.

Unfortunately, at last week’s State Convention, I fell just one vote short of qualifying for a second ballot and a chance to secure the Republican nomination for Governor. With this letter, and after much reflection, I am hereby terminating my bid for Governor and announcing that I will not be petitioning onto the ballot at the August primary.

To my many supporters, and to supporters of other candidates, I want to thank you for your contributions to a competitive and sometimes contentious convention, and to ask you to take to the streets with the same levels of energy and vigor on behalf of other Republican candidates in advance of our primary.

After the primary is complete, however, we must come together and unite behind the slate of Republican candidates that we will choose for our State, and the Republican candidates for the General Assembly that will be chosen in each of your districts. We must not allow the primary to distract us from what is most important: putting a Republican Governor back in office, and electing Republican majorities in our State Senate and House.

Our State is currently troubled but is not defeated. The many fibers that are woven together to form the fabric of Connecticut remain strong. Through the very same principles that bind us all as Republicans – smaller government, lower taxes, fewer regulations, and greater growth – our State’s self-imposed ills may be cured, and Connecticut may flourish again.

Please join me in pledging your support to Republican candidates in this quest.

Through our many interactions with Connecticut residents, Kala and I have experienced fond memories and formed bonds that will last forever. Words cannot adequately express my gratitude and appreciation for your support and your encouragement, which I will carry with me.

With my everlasting love and friendship,

Prasad Srinivasan, M.D.